Forbes List Of Highest Earning Musicians Of 2014 Has Us Surprised In Many Ways

Who beat Beyoncé? Also, where’s Taylor Swift? What’s going on?

Forbes magazine just released a list of the top earning musicians in 2014. Some of the most popular musicians made it to the list of 30, including the likes of Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Certain classics like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are also on the list.

The list was compiled by taking into account the artists total income from touring, recorded music, publishing, merchandise sales and endorsements. And while that is probably a very sound mathematical way to go about it, some of the people who made it to the list are just surprising.

Here are our reactions:

1) Dr. Dre earned $620 million for his beats headphones.

Do you remember when Eminem sang “nothing you idiots, Dr. Dre’s dead!” Today, that is SO not true as his signature headphones deal with Apple gave him earnings in the nine figure range. Also, he beat Beyoncé for which the image clearly captures our shock, surprise and eventual new found respect for Dr. Dre.

2) Beyoncé is second. Wait – WHAT?! 

Mrs. Carter cashed in on $115 million. We’re still upset that she isn’t number one because of a pair of headphones. But the Queen B, who released a surprise album and worked with Pepsi and H&M probably can’t count the moola growing out of her fingers long enough to notice.

3) The Eagles made it out of Hotel California.

If you don’t know who these guys are, then shame on you! Their very successful History Of The Eagles tour should have rectified that. And rectify it, it did, apparently, because the ‘70s American rock band cashed in on $100 million. Now go listen to Hotel California.

4) Bon Jovi

With and income of $82 million from tours in the past year, we’re glad this ‘80’s rockstar can still head bang his way around a stage, and y’know, tell us about heartache and stuff in melodic ways. But we’re mostly glad because he doesn’t have this hair anymore.

5) Bruce Springsteen

He made $81 million. Apparently Bon Jovi helped a little. But we’re a little bit surprised, shocked, in awe because we kind of forgot about the Boss.

6) Justin Bieber, why is he STILL famous?

Bieber fever still runs high, unfortunately, despite his strange behavior. You know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Also, we really don’t care for this Justin, we prefer Justin Timberlake who made it to number 15. He’s just that much better at entertaining us.

7) One Direction. Go figure, another boy ​band:
fangirling one direction

First Bieber and now these guys, who earned $75 million! Are pre-pubescent fan girls taking over the music industry with their fluttering hands?

8) Paul McCartney:

Earnings reported as high as $71 million has us a little bit surprised, shocked, in awe because that’s probably not the Beatle we wanted to have around this long.

Lastly, the fact that Taylor Swift was NOT in the top 10 had us shocked beyond measure. Maybe it was because of Spotify.

While there are many talented musicians out there (some of which made that list and definitely many who didn't), the fact of the matter is that the music industry has a lot to do with things other than the art of music. 

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