Watch This Bar React To Game Of Thrones Shocking Trial By Combat

WARNING: Do not watch if you haven’t seen the latest episode. Watch if you don’t care about spoilers.

The latest episode was not as shocking as the Red Wedding but it did startle viewers, again, with another unexpected death of a favorite character.

Ever since Tyrion Lannister uttered the words “I demand a trial by combat” in “The Laws of Gods and Men” – the sixth episode of the fourth season – Game Of Thrones fans all over the world anxiously waited for the decisive battle between Oberyn Martell aka The Viper and his sworn enemy The Mountain.

To watch the ultimate showdown, dozens of people gathered at Chicago's Burlington Bar on Sunday. Someone in the crowd had this brilliant idea of recording all of their reactions to what the Rotten Tomatoes has called “the most gruesome scenes to date.”

You should just see the intense looks on their faces.



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