Rihanna Does What Manny Pacquiao Couldn’t To Floyd Mayweather

The staged joke didn’t sit well with many fans, though, because of an unfortunate connection Rihanna has with Floyd Mayweather.

He may be the winner of this year’s “Fight of the Century” but Floyd Mayweather finally met his match at the 2015 Black Entertainment Television Awards.

As the show came back from a commercial break, the camera panned towards Rihanna sitting in the audience – with duct tape in her hand.

And before anyone could ask her why, the singer further confused everyone when she decided to rip off a piece and placed it on Mayweather’s mouth who was sitting next to her with his hands tied together.

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It's still unclear why it happened, but it was certainly a staged gimmick.  

However, it didn’t sit well with many fans watching the awards after they figured out the stunt could be a reference to both Mayweather’s and Rihanna’s histories with domestic violence.

Twitterati was outraged:

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