Rihanna Sneaks Into Jimmy Kimmel’s Bedroom At 1 A.M. To Play The Ultimate Prank

Rihanna jumped into Kimmel's bed and showered him with money and confetti.

Occasions like Halloween and Christmas have become a lot more exciting for many people now thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live’s awesome tradition of encouraging fans to record hilarious pranks on family members and friends and upload the videos on YouTube.

However, this year, the tables turned and Rihanna played the ultimate April Fool’s Day joke on Kimmel.

With the help of his wife and the show’s co-headwriter, Molly McNearney, the 27-year-old singer and a camera crew snuck into the host's bedroom at 1 a.m. and played her new song “B***h Better Have My Money.”

She even jumped into the bed and showered Kimmel with actual money and confetti – which was inarguably the best part since he was still trying to figure out what was going on around him.

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After finally realizing that he had been pranked, Jimmy admitted that it was “a good one” in his sleepy voice.

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