Ryan Gosling Shows Us What Canadian Christmas Is All A-Boot On SNL

Amna Shoaib
Canada's hunky new prime minister, "snow up to your nugs" and Justin Bieber are just some of the many wonders Ryan Gosling and Mike Myers showed us about Canadian Christmas.

Saturday Night Live is a show proudly filmed in New York City, so when Canadian host Ryan Gosling took the stage this week, he went to great pains to deny his shared roots with other Canadian treasures, including the likes of Justin Bieber.


Gosling gushed about the time he spent in NYC as a child, when Mike Meyers, a former SNL cast member and proud Canuck, stormed the stage to remind him of his Canadian origins. Meyers, dressed for the part in a Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey, asked Gosling if he was "ashamed to be called a Canadian."

“Not everybody's a fan of immigrants right now, y'know?” Gosling admitted. “Not sure I want to be shouting to from the rafters.”

Finally admitting that Canada is more than America's "hat," Gosling agreed to sing about the wonders of Canada with Myers. Check out the hilarious video above.