No Disguise, Yet No One Knows Who Ryan Lewis Is

June 4, 2014: Do you know who Ryan Lewis is? How about Macklemore?

When you're one half of a successful Grammy award-winning hip hop group, you're automatically supposed to be famous. If the group happens to be all-Caucasian, then chances of public notoriety should be even higher than that as there aren't many white rappers around.

However, that isn't so in the case of Ryan Lewis – who is the other member of the hip hop duo, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

While the group's MC – Macklemore – is now world-renowned, his producer partner largely goes unnoticed. No one really knows what he does or looks like, and so Jimmy Fallon decided to capitalize on it.

In Tuesday's installation of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the show host sent Lewis out with a mic to ask New Yorkers what they think of the artist named Ryan Lewis. Not realizing that the man with the microphone is actually Lewis himself, the inhabitants of the Big Apple give him the most honest answers ever.

This segment of Fallon sending out celebrities in disguise to ask people questions about themselves is nothing new. However, the difference this time is that Lewis' face is so unfamiliar to the general public that he didn't need to change his appearance.

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