Sarah Silverman Shares Her Problem With The ‘Game Of Thrones’ On Jimmy Fallon Show (VIDEO)

Sarah Silverman appeared on ‘Late Night’ and talked about one of her favorite shows with Jimmy Fallon.

The Talk show host and Silverman both are absolutely in love with the ‘Game of Thrones.’ Silverman while discussing about it with Fallon, shared her big issue with the popular HBO series by saying, "They all wear like 900 lbs of armor." Then focusing towards her neck, Silverman added, "Nothing here."

She further justified her point asking, "Do you know what the No. 1 cause of death is in Game of Throney times?"

"Neck stabs! Throat slits!" Silverman added.

Watch Fallon and Silverman discussing about their mutual love ‘Game of Thrones’ in the video above.

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