SNL’ Summer Camp: Camp Wicawabe

What happens when two young summer campers host their own talk show on SNL?

Ever wondered how things would go if the folks at Saturday Night Live hosted a summer camp of their own for the youth?

Look no further as SNL’s Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon play two young summer campers hosting their own talk show in what has helpfully been dubbed as, ‘Camp Wicawabe’. The young campers love gossip, getting in trouble and freeze pops.

Andy Samberg, who hosted the 39th season finale of SNL plays the camp prankster, a seven year old whose ideas of wild time is a little… childish. The girls want to seem cool, but come off as trying too hard, and the monologue from both Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon was more on point than Andy Samberg’s act.

This season of SNL has been quite lukewarm as far as sketches is concerned. Some of them have worked, however others, like Camp Wicawabe, has had a harder time in trying to fly with the audience. What has also become a sort of trend with SNL their 39th season is that the fact that all the stronger skits are featured at the beginning of the show leaving the latter half of it quite dull.

Check out Camp Wicawabe from week’s Saturday Night Live, featuring Andy Samberg as the host for its season finale.

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