It's Not All Glitz And Glamour: Scary Celebrity Stalker Stories

Some so-called fans terrorize celebrities with sick letters, breaking in their homes and worse.

It's one thing to admire a celebrity for their talents. But some people don't know where the line of appropriate admiration is crossed into creepy stalker territory. 

It's an unfortunate reality that many celebrities have to deal with demented stalkers tracking their every move. Take a look at the most infamous, creepy and downright bizarre celebrity stalker cases in Hollywood.

Selena Gomez

In early 2012, a man by the name of Thomas Brodnicki claimed he had he apparently had "over 50 conversations with God a day about killing her.” Just what the then-19-year-old needed to hear. Gomez pressed charges against Brodnicki, who has a criminal history.

Gomez had to deal with a second stalker, Che Cruz, who was sentenced to 120 days in jail after he broke into her house to see the singer in person.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

An obsessed woman by the name of Dawnette Knight went after Catherine Zeta-Jones' husband Michael Douglas. She spent 2003 and 2004 sending alarming letters to Douglas and Zeta-Jones, stating that if she didn't leave him, she would cut her into pieces and feed her to the dogs. She was then charged with stalking and sentenced to three years in prison.

Uma Thurman

Jack Jordan started stalking Uma Thurman in 2005, sending her letters and "love" notes; he also sent her sexually suggestive and violent greeting cards and drawings for several years. In 2008 he was finally sentenced to probation for three years for stalking the actress. 

David Letterman

Margaret Mary Ray was arrested several times for harassing David Letterman and trespassing on his property in Connecticut. She even claimed she was married to Letterman. Letterman declined to press criminal charges considering her mental state. She later committed suicide by kneeling in front of a speeding train in Colorado in 1998.

John Lennon

The 1980 assassination of the musical genius John Lennon has to be one of the most shocking moments in the music history. His murderer was his stalker, Mark David Chapman, who shot him outside of a building in NYC, remained at the scene and waited for the police to arrive. The man found Lennon to be a hypocrite, signing about love and peace while making big bucks. He was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

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