Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Only Interested In The Chopper, Terminates The Blender With Jimmy Fallon


Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently been a viral-video spree. He very recently teamed up to make the nastiest sandwich known to mankind with the crew from Epic Mealtime. And now he’s back with another video likely to go viral thanks to this silly QVC skit with Jimmy Fallon from ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.

From promoting his charity by agreeing to run things over with his tank or selling a ‘chopper’ as he has done in this video with Fallon, Schwarzenegger is definitely on a roll.

Get to the chopper!!

In this video Jimmy Fallon and the Terminator try selling a blender and chopper. But Schwarzenegger is not interested in the blender. He just isn’t. He wants to ‘Get to the chopper’

Check Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon selling a veggie chopper on QVC on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon above.

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