Selfie Sticks Now Banned Entirely At Disney Parks

Mickey Mouse hates your selfie stick. Four Disney parks world-wide say selfie sticks have got to go entirely when one shuts down a roller coaster.

Selfie sticks are banned at Disney parks worldwide citing the rods as a “safety concerns.”

Starting next week the sticks will be banned next week at the American Disney parks in Florida and California. Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong will have the same ban starting July 1st.

“We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family and unfortunately selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast,” said Disney spokeswoman Kim Prunty according to CNN.

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The devices have been banned on rides for some time, probably to ensure other riders weren’t abruptly hit with a stick during the ride, but now the sticks won’t make it past the front gate security check. Last week, a roller coaster in the Disney California Adventure had to be shut down when someone disobeyed park policy and whipped out a selfie stick. People who turn up with a selfie stick will have it confiscated and can pick them up again once they exit the park.

This may be in part because despite the ban on selfie sticks on rides, people were still found bringing them along despite the danger they pose to other riders on a fast moving park ride.  

Park-goers will just have to do what tourists have done for decades and politely ask someone else to take their picture for them. 

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