Sequester And Job Cuts Effects Explained By Obama On Saturday Night Live (Video)

On Friday President Obama signed an executive order authorizing $85 million in federal budget cuts. And since most of the Americans still don’t know what ‘sequester’ really means, the President (Jay Pharoah) on Saturday Night Live took it upon himself to explain what it is all about though he himself doesn’t know how budgets work.

"I could explain it in financial terms or in human terms," Obama said. "But since I have no idea how money works or how budgets work, I'll go with human terms instead.”

He went on saying that Michelle Obama would limit her public appearances to four times a week down from seventy five (a joke referring to the First Lady’s high-profile public appearances on the Jimmy Fallon Show and the Oscars 2013).

Examples of government agencies that will be forced to undergo layoffs including border patrol, NASA, the National Zoo and schoolteachers were also given by Obama during his spoof speech.

At the end of the video, Obama aptly explained how the budget cuts would affect the military, police officers and construction workers.

Check out the video above to know all about the ongoing ‘sequester’ issue with SNL.

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