Seth MacFarlane Rocked As The Host Of Oscars 2013. Who Says He Didn’t?

“Family Guy” creator and star MacFarlane was asked on Twitter whether he would host the Oscars a second time? His reply:


“Family Guy” creator and star MacFarlane was asked on Twitter whether he would host the Oscars a second time? His reply:



That’s sad as he rocked and gave the Oscars the boost they needed. The ratings went up and people actually enjoyed it.  The last few years have seen the Oscars going from bore to borer-still!

Billy Crystal, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, all failed.

MacFarlane’s appeal among young people though did provide an 11 per cent bump in the 18-49 demographic coveted by TV networks and advertisers. And overall viewer ratings were up, making for the largest Oscar audience in three years.

There has been a lot of criticism since Sunday. Critics have been ripping Seth MacFarlane apart over his performance, calling out for racial slurs and sexist jokes. All we can say is LIGHTEN UP!

Here is how the papers looked the next day:





new york

You hire a Szechuan chef and expect him to make pancakes?

Come on, MacFarlane is man and mind behind “Family Guy”, “American Dad” ,“The Cleveland Show” and the R-rated comedy “Ted” !

He was chosen especially because the committee knew he would liven things up with his scathing and dark humor and the guts that he has to pull one!

He was looking good, was confident on stage his voice was impressive and yes, he had the audience shocked and silenced at various points but THAT’S WHAT HE DOES!

He has been getting the cuff because:

His song, "We Saw Your Boobs:" Well, we DID see them didn’t we? He saw them along with a million others and said as much! What’s wrong with that?

Yeah, he made a joke of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship. He’s not the pioneer, mind you, the pioneer award of the year goes to none other than Rihanna herself! She has made a joke out of not only herself but an entire population of abused women around the world!

MacFarlane called Zero Dark Thirty's plotline an example of "a woman's innate ability to never ever let anything go." Critics and feminists came out beating the drums of war! It is a funny remark, it not degrading or insulting in any way.

Ah yes, then came the punch lines about the Jews cutting non-Jews out of Hollywood. Duh! It is a joke. Or maybe it isn’t, depending upon your sense of humor.  But it’s no t a derogatory comment against Jews.  Jews are people like the rest of us. They can be at a butt’s end of a joke.

But let’s just not dissect everything he said and whether it was humorous or offensive.  Just take it as a man doing his job and doing it darn well!

MacFarlane's known for his ribald satire and dark, adult humor.  He was chosen for that and delivered that and delivered at the top of his class!

So yeah, face it, the guy rocked!

And really who cares, we think he did well, his cat thinks he did well, and we don’t really are that the rest of the world has put their sense of humor in a pipe and smoked it out of their ears. We loved him!



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