Zac Efron Plays Dirty And Beat Seth Rogens To Work With The Workaholics

In this hilarious Comedy Central video Adam, Blake and Ders interview Zac Efron and Seth Rogens for a free spot in their cubicle.

The interviewing technique is unconventional, to say the least, and borders on being freakishly intimate.

The Workaholics guys are at their best and do not let you down. Seth Rogan is just being Seth Rogan and as for Zac Efron, like everywhere else, it’s his beauty that works for him in this clip.

The Workaholics guys hold an interview to see whether they should hire Rogan or Efron to work in their cubicle with them. Seth Rogen has no chance really with Efron’s looks, tight clothes and to-die-for moves, which include a lap dance.

Zac wins hands down; even going as far as ‘showing’ that he’s a true Jew and impressing the hell out of the interviewers.

Seth refuses to give up though and fights to the bitter end.

Workaholics is a single-camera comedy on Comedy Central featuring three friends, Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm, who work together as telemarketers.

Rogen and Efron appeared on the show to promote their upcoming movie Neighbors, in which Rogen and Efron play two feuding neighbors.

Neighbors is scheduled to release on May 9th.

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