Astronomer Makes Startling Discovery: The Simpsons Don’t Live In U.S.

"The Simpsons" has lied to us for the past two decades.

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It’s about time you forget everything you thought you knew about The Simpsons because the creators of the show have been lying to us all these years.

Apparently, the popular family doesn’t live in United States – or anywhere in this half of the world for that matter. They actually live somewhere in the Southern hemisphere, most probably in Australia. 

Is The Simpsons Actually Set in Australia?

At least that's the theory of an eagle-eyed fan.

The show recently aired an episode titled “The Musk Who Fell to Earth,” featuring SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who befriends Homer upon his arrival in the town of Springfield.

Later in the episode, Musk’s character is seen gazing at the moon during the sunset from the window in Simpsons’ family home. As it turns out, the tips of the crescent are pointing in the opposite direction. They’re facing right instead of left!

Simpsons live in the southern hemisphere?

American astronomer Phil Plait made this startling discovery, which has literally shaken up Simpsons’ dedicated fan base. 

The Simpsons live in Australia

The tips of the crescent moon point in opposite directions for people living in the two halves of the world. They point to the left for the viewers in the Northern hemisphere – aka where Simpsons presumably lived – meanwhile the crescent points left in the Southern hemisphere, as it did in the show.

As Vox reports, people in the Northern hemisphere may also observe crescent moons that point to the right, but those are waning crescents which appear during the other part of the lunar cycle, when the moon is shrinking. Also, these waning crescents appear in the early morning, not in the evening.

It is also pertinent to mention that over the past 22 years, the show has made several references that Springfield is located in U.S., though with this new revelations, it seems highly unlikely. Or maybe the animators made a colossal mistake and are probably cursing themselves right now for this breach of trust among the fans.

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