This Week In Your Childhood=Ruined: Game Of Smurfs

Amna Shoaib
OK, folks at Fox, go home, look yourselves in the mirror and think about what you have done.

Do you ever just, you know, sit around and put your pathological tendencies to use, imagining all the ways you could strip your childhood of all its innocence and purity?

Like just think about what would happen if Barbie was a punk rocker on acid (people have done that, FYI), or what totally chaotic, gory to the extreme, mind-bending blood fest would follow the unholy matrimony between the Smurfs and Game Of Thrones?

One group of people did, to the chagrin of all of humanity. And they did not just stop there. The team at Fox's Animation Domination went ahead, in a criminal negligence of social responsibility, to execute their plans and introduce to the world these childhood-ruinin', gravity-defyin', sword-wieldin' Smurfs. (*Sheds a single blue tear to mourn the loss of childhood.*)

Game of Smurfs puts our beloved Smurfs right in George R.R Martin's world. The show, as the voice-over tells us, features everything from Smurfszex to Smurfcest to a Smurf Red Wedding (we cannot pretend we are not excited about that).

Please try and get the graphic images of nude Smurfs out of your head. Unless you really are in such things...