Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Secret Brother On SNL

Chris talked about Thor, fame and family. Chris Hemsworth marked his debut as a host on Saturday Night Live this week, boldly predicting it would be his most embarrassing appearance on a TV show.

The Thor star talked about about his starring role and the delights of two Thor movies. Then Hemsworth, in his dreamy Aussie accent, called up on stage his famous brothers, Luke and Liam, as well as another little-known sibling, "Callum," played by Kenan Thompson. Kenan, donning a blond wig, had a .... let's say, less dreamy Australian accent.

Steeped in the trademark SNL humor, the monologue had Hemsworth taking questions from the audience about what it feels to be dubbed the Sexiest Man Alive and Callum replied, saying it was a “bit weird” but he can’t argue with it.

Hemsworth was on the show ahead of the release of his movie, In The Heart Of The Sea, opening Friday, and the May 1 opening of the highly anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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