Alec Baldwin Kills It With Hilarious Donald Trump Impression On 'SNL'

Amna Shoaib
Missed the first presidential debate? Watched the SNL version instead.

"Saturday Night Live" opened its 42nd season proving it really has its Donald Trump impression ready for election season and we only have Alec Baldwin to thank for it.

The "debate" started with Hillary, played by Kate McKinnon, pulling a Willy Wonka, to reference the real Hill’s *cough* sickness *cough*.


And then came Baldwin as Trump, who was adamant that he will be a good boy, he will be calm, he will not reference the wall, or the Muslims.


But just like the real Trump, Baldwin did interrupt Hillary. Before long, the debate looked like a boardroom meeting where the qualified woman had to try and reason with the entitled colleague, who also happens to be the CEO’s son.


Talking about the jobs that are, according to Trump, flying to Mexico/being stolen by the immigrants, Baldwin said, “I’m going to give a very presidential answer: Jobs flee this country, they are going to Mexico and they are going to Jina.”

Inwardly congratulating himself for following Ivanka’s advice, Trump chimed in, “See I stayed calm just like I promised, it is over I won, thank you.”

When he was reminded that there were still 88 minutes left, Trump curled his lips and insisted that his microphone was broken.

“She broke it with Obama, she and Obama stole my microphone. They took my microphone to Kenya and they broke it and now it’s broken. It’s picking up somebody sniffing here, I think it’s her sniffs.”

Trump also shared his expert views on the black community, an insight he gleaned after spending years living among them, and getting a holistic picture of the systematic abuse they face in America.

“All the blacks live on one street in Chicago, all on one street. I looked it up this morning, it’s called Hell Street. And they are killing each other just like I am killing this debate, thank you.”

Toward the end of his speech, Clinton wiped her eyes, confessing that not even in her wildest dreams had she imagined the debate will be so good.

In the end, McKinnon gave us this glorious shoulder shimmy.