It's The Fight Of The Century And SNL Is Not Impressed

Amna Shoaib
SNL livestreams Fight of the Century, and it's definitely more entertaining than the actual Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

Saturday Night Live, like most of us baffled human beings, cannot fathom the appeal of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight dubbed the "Fight of the Century," when this century is still in its infancy.

Who knows what the years will bring? (Hint: It will involve loads of meteor showers and acid rain that will hopefully dissolve the faces of people who deny climate change. And natural disasters whose effects are magnified by human negligence. All against the backdrop of people hunched over their fast food. The century then will hopefully culminate with North West’s progeny earning the rights of a reality show whose appeal will make as much sense as North’s name.)

But of course, SNL doesn’t want to lose its viewership for people who wanted to watch the Mayweather-Pac boxing match. So it did what any other self-respecting, ratings-hungry show would do. It ran a totally real clip of Mayweather-Pac fight. The images were slightly distorted, with Mayweather looking taller, and Pac vaguely resembling "a white woman with a fake goatee and a T-shirt."

And of course, no SNL sketch is complete without Justin Bieber. Biebs climbs into the ring, to less than stellar results.

After the so-called Fight of the Century turned out to be a boring dud, give us SNL's version any day.