SNL Mocks Republican Wannabees Who Try To Be Cool

The GOP candidates who're trying their mightiest to be cooler than others get the treatment they deserve.

The United States presidential election of 2016 is still several months away, but jokes about it in the comedic circles have already begun.

The "Saturday Night Live" crew too did a hilarious skit on the upcoming race to the White House. As expected, the punchline to most of their jokes were Republican candidates, although a few nasty ones were cracked at Hillary Clinton's expense too.

A fictional DJ (Cecily Strong) worked the mic and gave hilarious intros of GOP leaders who want to be cooler than their competition. About Dr. Ben Carson – who had infamously said that sexuality is a choice – the DJ said: "Put this guy in prison, because he's about to steal your vote! But be careful, because if sexuality works the way he says it does, he might turn gay in there."

He had similar funny shoutouts for the rest of the Republican candidates before Clinton's turn came. This time, Michael Che was the one who took the shots, saying about here: "A new poll shows that Hillary Clinton's poll points have dropped two points since she made her campaign official. Because for some reason, once a woman tries to make it official, we suddenly lose interest."

The entire skit can be seen in the video above.

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