MLK Comes Down From The Mountaintop To Check Up On America On SNL. He's Not Impressed.

Martin Luther King Jr. weighs in Barack Obama and Selma's Oscar snubs in a spot-on SNL sketch.

SNL never disappoints. This week, the show’s opening was about Martin Luther King Jr. and how this generation knows little or nothing about him.

The premise showed an average kid, played by Peter Davidson, trying to complete an assignment on King without knowing anything about him except that he was "Well, you're black … uh, you're a great leader, and today you own a bunch of boulevards."

The kid gets a visit from the civil rights icon in his dream – don't worry, SNL wouldn't miss out on an "I have a dream" joke.

So what does King think of America's progress on race, especially now that we have a black president in Barack Obama?

"Sounds like a Kenyan Muslim."

King is pretty thrilled his life was made into a movie with Selma at least. 

"I guess that one will be nominated for a lot of Oscars, right?" King asks.

Ouch, Martin. Ouch.

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