Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch on SNL

Amna Shoaib
The 'Eballa' crises. 'Nuff said. This week's Saturday Night Live featured a countdown of Super Bowl with a comedy sketch called 'Super Bowl Shut Down'.

The show featured Marshawn Lycnh and Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. For each question that Sherman asks, Lynch responds with his standard 'Thank you for asking me that', an obvious reference to his behavior during interactions with media. The Seattle Seahawks cornerback, on the other hand, rambled on about the things he likes to do, like badmouthing teammates.

The show delivered a masterstroke as Sherman started referring to the quite stupidly named DeflateGate (full marks for originality) as the 'Eballa crisis'. He then held up a limpid ball and lashed out at Patriot fans, "You wanna see what a real football looks like?"

The video is in view of the first game of the Super Bowl XLIX n Sunday, where the real Sherman along with the rest of the Seattle Seahawks will face New England Patriots.