SNL Spared No Survivors In Its Ben Carson And Fox News Takedown

Amna Shoaib
SNL shows how idiotic Republican presidential candidates sound every time they talk about refugees, Mexican immigrants and race in America.

This week, Saturday Night Live took it upon itself to show our patriotic, concerned citizens exactly sound every time they talk about refugees, immigrants and race in America.

In a special tribute to the high journalistic standards set by Fox & Friends, the show had the infamous trio reporting on the "crazed mob of Syrian refugees" entering the country. Turns out, they were Black Friday shoppers. Vanessa Bayer’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck obviously thought this was an opportune moment to showcase how narrow the Black Lives Matter movement is.

"All Fridays matter," she solemnly proclaimed.

Not surprisingly, SNL's master of impressions Jay Pharoah killed it as Ben Carson. With a pulsating aura of vibrant, almost visible energy, Ben Carson asked the viewers in a deadpan voice to "turn down the volume, or he might go crazy."

He needed that quiet to announce his plans of segregating refugees.

"First we would say you can't come into this country until I see you eat bacon while singing a Christmas carol." 

When the Fox news host commented that the presidential candidate seemed calmer than usual, Carson replied, “Oh, I’m like a koala bear. On the outside I may seem nice, but on the inside, I’ve never held elected office.”