Sorry Patriots! Paramount Bans Showing "Team America"

The puppet hit features an attempt to take out Kim Jong Il. Sound familiar?

"Team America" has been pulled from theaters! 

"Who cares?" cry red-blooded Americans - we'll forgo expensive tickets and sticky movie floors and view this cinematic masterpiece anyway! 

Actually, folks are horrified, not by the best puppet sex scene EVER, but it seems like the U.S. is caving to the bad guys. Sony just pulled "The Interview".  

"Team America", which focuses on the title do-gooders, is about an attempt to save the world from Kim Jong Il. WHOOPS. And "The Interview" is about assassinating his son. The lead characters, Seth Rogan and James Franco, are successful and the scene of the leader of North Korea's fiery death has been leaked online.  

Don't let the terrorists win and get your "Team America" fix this weekend. Settle back on your own crumb-covered couch and whip up some red, white and blue snacks. The film is streaming now on Netflix and available at Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and Flickster.


p.s. Although the film stars puppets, DO NOT watch it with the kiddos. Really, NO. 


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