'South Park,' 'The Daily Show' About To Absolutely Tear Apart Washington Redskins

September 22, 2014: Comedy Central is going all out on NFL.

dallas cowboys vs washington redskins

Conventional sports media is usually lenient toward NFL franchise owner Dan Snyder for keeping the racially offensive team moniker Washington Redskins – probably because both entities are somehow mutually dependent on each other.

The entertainment industry, however, is free of any such obligation, which is why Comedy Central is about to rip apart the long-debated NFL name controversy in two of its most high-profile upcoming shows.

First, adult animated sitcom "South Park" has released the preview of its upcoming 18th season in which lead character Eric Cartman takes on both Snyder and the team's insistence on using a name many people find offensive.

In addition, “The Daily Show” recorded a “gotcha” interview of unsuspecting Redskins fans who were asked to defend the team’s hurtful name only to be ambushed by offended Native Americans standing nearby.

According to reports, during the filming of "The Daily Show" segment – which hasn’t aired yet – things went a little out of hand when the surprise encounter escalated into a caustic shouting match between the Redskins fans and a large group of Native American activists.

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“We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.”

This is the reply Snyder gave in May 2013 to USA Today when questioned over his decision to keep Redskins as the name for his football team, even though it’s considered derogatory to Native Americans.

After a year of controversies and debates surrounding the NFL team’s name and mascot, the pressure on its owner to give in is – finally – mounting. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office voted to cancel the Redskins trademark, but Snyder has adamantly refused to make any changes.

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While the 18th season of "South Park" premieres on Sept. 24, it's unknown when "The Daily Show" segment will air.

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