The Epic 'South Park' Takedown Of Washington Redskins You Were Waiting For

The world should now relax because Eric Cartman solved the Washington Redskins’ logo problem once and for all.

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This week “South Park” aired its Season 18 premiere episode revolving around launching a Kickstarter for a company that essentially does nothing. But even a company that useless needs to have a catchy name.

Taking advantage of the canceled trademark voided by the Patent Office earlier this year, Eric Cartman quickly chose the name “Washington Redskins” for his Kickstarter company with the motto: “Go f–k yourself.”

“The Redskins has been on the forefront of Kickstarter as a company that is always finding new and exciting ways to tell people to go fuck themselves,” Cartman says boastfully, before revealing his logo improvements.

Of course, this news wasn’t well-received by Dan Snyder, owner of Washington’s football team, who has stubbornly refused to change the racially disparaging moniker of his team.

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“I know I can’t legally make you stop using our name, but won’t you just do it out of decency?” a concerned Snyder confronts Cartman who responds by saying:

“We can’t just change the name of our company because it’s, like, super-hard. But, hey — from one Redskin to another, go f–k yourself.”

Despite Cartman giving him the cold shoulder, Snyder vows to stay determined in order to strip the lousy start-up of its name.

“We cannot give up,” says Snyder to his boys. “Don’t let them win.”

The season premiere also incorporates current issues like crowdfunding, ISIS, and, most importantly, the ongoing controversy surrounding NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his mishandling of the infamous domestic abuse issue.

Watch the complete episode in the video below:

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