South Park Pokes Fun At Tom Brady And The DeflateGate Scandal

South Park is finally back with a new season and cashed in on the opportunity to poke fun at one of the biggest sports stories of the year — Tom Brady’s DeflateGate scandal.

South Park just unveiled the first episode of  its 19th season, and has done a pretty fantastic job with it.

The animated series episode, titled “Stunning and Brave,” left no stone unturned while poking fun at Tom Brady’s DeflateGate fiasco and even featured the National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell in the episode, making it altogether epic.

It shows Eric Cartman being sentenced to four days of detention by South Park Elementary’s new principal, who wants to hold his team accountable for racism and unconscious bias practiced.

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However, what Cartman did next got fans on their toes and made this possibly the best season premiere ever for the series.

In one injury-induced dream, South Park managed to summarize eight months of nonsense in the NFL.

Of course, fans loved it, and cheered on South Park on social media:

It is interesting to note that this is not the first time South Park has subjected Brady to criticism:

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