Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Fallon Perform The One Song You Love To Hate


As “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” is coming to an end, the show’s most popular acts are being reposted on the its YouTube channel.

“Best of Fallon” is a series of videos that will help the viewers relive all the memorable moments with the host and his incredibly entertaining guests such as Stephen Colbert in the clip above.

Comedian and television host Colbert, along with Fallon, performed an excellent rendition of the viral internet song “Friday” in April 2011.

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As a part of their fundraising program entitled “The Jimmy Fallon/ Stephen Colbert Project” the duo promised to sing Rebecca Black's "Friday" with The Roots if they could raise $26,000 for DonorsChoose, an online charity.

When the collection surpassed the goal, amassing nearly $120,000, Fallon and Colbert had to sing the song together on the show as promised.

It is indeed one of the best performances of “Late Night”. Watch it in the video above.

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 “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” is set to premiere on February 17, 2014 in the United States.

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