Stephen Colbert Destroys Fox News Resident Psychiatrist For Ridiculous Obama Diagnosis (VIDEO)


Fox News resident psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow’s diagnosis of President Barack Obama was probably one of the most ridiculous things aired in the history of television. He established that Obama’s attitude towards Republicans during the government shutdown was a display of his “victim mentality” that could be traced back to his father who abandoned him.

Stephen Colbert, of course, had something interesting to add to this psycho-analysis on Tuesday.

Yes, Obama's refusal to negotiate with Congress was just him getting back at his parents.  I mean, we've seen this sad story too many times — African-American males without role models go on to become President and give everyone health care,” Colbert said.

A number of government agencies and programs stopped functioning on October 2. The dispute between the Republican Party and President Obama-led Democrat Party over funding and implementation of Obamacare eventually led to a government shutdown that cost the American, as Colbert reported, almost $24 billion.

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Suggesting the shutdown occurred because President Obama is internally frustrated and depressed about his relationship with his estranged father was downright an insane thing to say on national television.

 “I mean, I for one have never met Keith Ablow, but as an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, I'm willing to stake my professional reputation that he is stuck in an anal-retentive stage caused by his parents shaming him during potty time,” Colbert remarked.

For more, watch the video above.

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