Colbert Mocks Fox News Host Neil Cavuto For ‘Syrian Apocalypse’ Prediction

Stephen Colbert wanted to know exactly what was happening in Syria.

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Fortunately (or not!), he had Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto to help him out with the right facts. Or in Neil Cavuto’s case, prophecies.

Colbert mocked Cavuto for using The Old Testament predictions as news quotes in one of his reports on Syria, calling the entire conflict a sign of the end of the world. In order to lend credence to his findings, the host invited an Armageddon enthusiast Joel Rosenberg. Rosenberg analyzed that one cannot be sure whether the Syrian prophecies from the Bible will come true, however because they have not happened, they could still occur.

 “Everything that hasn’t happened yet could happen. I mean, the seas turning red with blood, lions laying down with lambs, the ‘Friends’ movie, all possible!,” Colbert added.

You can watch Colbert’s complete Biblical analysis of the Syrian conflict in the video above.

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This is not the first time a Fox News host was slammed by Stephen Colbert. Just last week, the comedianmocked Bill O’Reilly for his bizarre comparison of Obama with former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

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Another popular satirist Jon Stewart of The Daily Show also went after Fox News for criticizing President Obama’s indecisiveness with regards to military action in Syria to stop Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from committing war crimes against his own people.

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