Stephen Colbert On Food Stamp Funding: Republicans And The Farm Bill Compromise (VIDEO)


Stephen Colbert gave a pat on the back to the “Republican-controlled” House of Representatives for being able to pass the Farm Bill. When the wise Republicans found that they couldn’t compromise on the subject of food stamps, they simply took that portion out of the bill and passed that version.

According to news sources, a sharply divided House approved a bill Thursday that would set farm policy for the next five years, using a strategy that pleased conservative Republicans, angered Democrats unsurprisingly and left the future of farm programs and food stamps in doubt.

That might not sound like much,” said Colbert. “The Farm Bill is a routine piece of legislation that provides subsidies for farmers while setting aside money for food stamps. It’s a win-win, help for the folks who grow the corn and help for folks who live on nothing but corn syrup.”

But, last week, House Republicans agreed to an historic compromise on food stamps,” said Colbert, “by eliminating the food stamps.”

He continued, “Republicans showed that they can compromise by removing the part of the bill they refused to compromise on. It’s like a cardiologist who’s having trouble treating a patient’s heart. Rather than getting bogged down with complicated procedures, he simply removes the heart.”

Problem solved!” he remarked. “And the best part is that patient no longer needs food stamps.”

So do you agree with Colbert’s analysis? Well, of course you do. Who doesn’t? Right?

You can watch his complete breakdown in the video above.

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