Stephen Colbert On Zimmerman Verdict: Racial Inequality 'Is Now A Tie' (VIDEO)


Stephen Colbert returned from a two-week-long vacation but he clarified it to his viewers that he had been following the George Zimmerman trial ‘like it was a black teenager in a gated community.’

Of course he was referring to the racism debate that sparked shortly after Zimmerman was found not guilty by a Florida jury. He praised the ruling as ‘victory for the rule of law, in that apparently Florida no longer has rules or laws.’

And then The Colbert Report host turned his focus towards the next big events after the verdict was announced; the racial inequality protests which spiraled into violent demonstration in many cities of the country.

“Knock it off!” Colbert exclaimed. “Because, yes, America had racial inequality, but by my latest calculations, it evidently is now a tie.”

So we can just stop this whole racial thing here,” Colbert insisted. “White people, stop being so scared of young black men. And young black men, stop being so scary.”

Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American teenager in Florida was killed by a neighborhood watch coordinator Zimmerman in 2012 over suspicion that the 17-year-old kid wearing a hoodie was ‘up to something.’

Almost a year and a half later, the jury gave the verdict in favor of Zimmerman; protests broke out in many parts of the country. (For pictures and more information on the demonstrations, click here.) President Barack Obama also released a statement on the ruling which you can read here.

You can watch Colbert’s complete analysis in the video above.

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