Stephen Colbert Reveals Why He Is Leaving Comedy Central

The hilarious yet emotional moment Stephen Colbert gave himself a farewell on the Daily Show in Jon Stewart’s presence.

Stephen Colbert will not take over the Late Show until next year. However, this won’t stop the comedian from going on a farewell tour on his current channel Comedy Central.

This week, Colbert surprised his colleague, long-time frenemy and former mentor Jon Stewart, on the Daily Show to give himself a small parting celebration.

He came prepared his own farewell montage that highlighted the best moments from his time as a correspondent for Stewart.

Colbert also revealed the reason for his departure.

“It’s become clear to me that I’ve won television,” he explained to Stewart, refusing to cry like John Oliver did during his emotional farewell.

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Earlier in April, CBS’ released a statement that Colbert had signed a deal to become the next host of the Late Show. He is set to replace Letterman when he retires next year in 2015 after a 22-year run.

Stewart celebrated his friend’s big move to network late night on theDaily Show just a few hours after the announcement was made.

While sharing some of the most memorable moments spent with his former correspondent, Stewart said that one of the best things about working with him is “trying to maintain professional composure whilst Mr. Colbert is making me laugh uncontrollably.”

He praised Letterman and his iconic legacy, adding he was looking forward to read the words “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” written on the Ed Sullivan theater marquee.

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Watch Colbert’s hilarious farewell party in the video above.

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