Stephen Colbert Talks About ‘Morbid’ Media’s Anti Gun Propaganda (Video)

Stephen Colbert is annoyed, he is bored and he just couldn’t stop himself from talking about the “propa-gun-da” the media has been generating ever since the Newtown massacre.

According to Colbert, “This morbid obsession with tens of thousands of people who are killed every year with guns is just all part of the media’s anti-gun agenda!”

He then mentions how NRA shut down the research on effective guns in 1996 and how Obama now wants the Centre for Disease Control to resume it. Of course it is just Colbert’s own way of saying that the decision to stop the funds to conduct study on guns was just not sensible (or effective in any way) because it led to a quite ‘obvious’ increase in gun violence.

 “So folks, to counter all the ‘negative’ stories about guns out there, we must make up ‘positive’ stories about guns,” concluded the Colbert Report’s host.

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