Better Watch Out Putin, Stephen Colbert Is Sending Someone To Russia You Ain’t Gonna Like


Last year, President Barack Obama made a very obvious attempt to test the limits of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin’s homophobia by sending openly gay athletes as delegates to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The delegation included former tennis legend Billy Jean King, the first professional athlete to publicly come out of the closet in 1981 and another openly gay athlete, two-time Olympic gold medalist hockey player, Caitlin Cahow.

However, Russia’s homophobia will once again be put to test by Stephen Colbert, who is preparing a very special correspondent – an old friend – for Sochi games coverage.

Colbert, who previously attended the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, will not be attending the games this year. He will be sending charmingly effeminate and openly gay Canadian comedian Scott Thompson aka Buddy Cole in his stead to “investigate the gay threat to the Games.”

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In order to prepare himself for the assignment, Cole spoke to Daniel Baer, the openly gay U.S Representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Baer was mostly left speechless, and often bewildered, by Cole’s awkward and straightforward questions and remarks on homosexuality and gay relationships.

“All people should have the right to have terrible relationships,” suggested Cole, adding that “everyone should be free to be trapped in loveless marriages”.  

The best part of the interview thought was when Cole bombarded the OSCE ambassador with absurd questions on fashion choices such as “are buttons gayer than zippers?”

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Watch the complete segment in the video above.

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