Stewart Says “Sorry” To DA, “F*ck You” To Fox News' Kilmeade

Stewart had to issue an apology for an “unforced error” in a Daily Show broadcast.

They don't do it very often, but the Daily Show does apologize when wrong.  Jon Stewart apologized Monday night for incorrect facts stated during a segment on police injustice and black victims.

The host had reported that police in California's San Bernadino County had shot and killed black victim Dante Parker.  Parker was actually hit with a taser and an autopsy found that he died due to an overdose of PCP. 

Attorney Michael Ramos called out Stewart for the false claim in a video posted to YouTube, saying that the comedy host had his facts "all wrong."

Stewart apologized to viewers, but not to Fox News:

"Fuck you, Brian," Stewart said to Kilmeade. "Fuck you."

"And by the way, jackass," he continued. "You can truly grieve for every officer who's been lost in the line of duty in this country and still be troubled by cases of police overreach."

Stewart stated that focusing on an error invites others ignore important issues at hand.




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