Streisand And Fallon Knock It Out Of The Park With 'Tonight Show' Duet

After a 51 year absence, Streisand even sits behind the "Late Night" desk.

This is fantastic! 

Barbra Streisand returned to late night television after a 51 year absence as the only guest and musical act on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon." 

"Let's be honest, you're never coming back here," Fallon joked. "This is special."

The singing and acting superstar has been open about stage fright that kept her performing for years. However, she went on the show to promote her new album titled "Partners." 

The project is a series of duets with singers, including Blake Shelton, Michael Bublé and Stevie Wonder. There is even a virtual performance with the late Elvis Presley.

Fallon filled in for some of the singers in a medley with Streisand. 

The singer Instagrammed a photo of herself getting makeup done for the show with the caption, "Last touches...getting ready for Jimmy. #thetonightshow."

As for how Fallon matched her pipes during their duet, Streisand jokingly deadpanned, "I wouldn't give up your night job," before saying that she and her husband, actor James Brolin, are big fans of Fallon and his show.

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