The Best Animal Instagram Accounts To Follow

The cutest animal accounts to follow. If you’re a pet owner or just love looking at cute animal pictures then get ready for the next level of cuteness.

Instead of just creating a Facebook page for their pet cat, pig or hedgehog, these owners have used the image sharing app Instagram to their full advantage. With an artistic twist and personal touch they take animal pictures very seriously and have created Instagram accounts showcasing just how adorable their animals are.

Lets start with the more common pets -

Some of the cutest cat pictures are on these accounts:



*Lucina* #3daysコーヒーチャレンジ ! 最終3日目! 最後は、コーヒーはオトナの飲み物だから少しオトナの表情して見ました的なカフェモカ色のルキナちゃんです😅 * これで3Daysコーヒーチャレンジも終了です。2日目はユノの誕生日picと重なって印象薄くなってしまいましたが、私的には誕生日のいい記念になりました。 @akuubichan さん、ありがとうございました😆 バトン結局誰にも渡さなくてすみません😅 * #somalicat #ソマリ女子部 #ユノルキ2015 #無敵の親バカ同盟 #ふわもこ部 #bestmeow #catsofinstagram #cutepetclub #Cat_Features #exllent_cats #meowvswoof #ptk_pets #picture_to_keep

A photo posted by iunopapa (@iunoiuno) on



A photo posted by Mr. Smoosh (@smooshblog) on

Couldn't forget about man's best friend :


good morning humans 📷 @0ptiics

A photo posted by Rio (@riobluebostonterrier) on



Spend the time with my best friend at the lake.🚣🏼🐶 . . #prunkHundmodel #hohmodelsearch #muttbrandrepsearch

A photo posted by style + dog (@stylishdog) on




Hm. You def have something on your face Maddie...

A photo posted by Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea) on

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For those bird lovers out there:




Human (noun): the best perch.

A photo posted by pollytheconure (@pollytheconure) on

Of course we've got to have some hedgehogs:


Now for the more exotic animals including mini pigs, ferrets, prairie dogs, chinchillas, foxes and sugar gliders:




"Look Jack, you could have fit on the raft."-Swarley #titanic #illneverletgo

A photo posted by Swarley And Bing- Prairie dogs (@prairiedogpack) on



まめ子 #mameta ♂ #まめた #prairiedog #プレーリードッグ #女装子

A photo posted by おっきゅん (@sanaeohkubo) on



It's a nutty Saturday morning 😋

A photo posted by Chinchilla Love ❤ (@chintubehd) on



Hope these cute animals brighten your day!

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