The Crazy Things Taylor Swift Has To Do To Avoid Paparazzi

We've just stumbled on a really weird GIF of Taylor Swift backing up to avoid the paparazzi.

Sometimes when you're famous, you have to do very unhumanlike things. That seems to be the case in this very bizarre gif of Taylor Swift where she is backing up slowly and what appears to be an attempt to avoid getting photographed by paparazzi. Defamer says she looks like she is "backing up like a truck would to a loading dock."

We're not sure if she has a giant zit, had a bad experience with a lip enhancer or if this is just par for the course. In a way it makes you kind of glad that you aren't famous. Sometimes you just want to go to the grocery store in your oldest pair of sweats and flip flops, and if you're at Walmart, then hey you're not doing too bad. It doesn't look like stars like Taylor Swift ever get a chance to have an off-day publicly. 


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