The Daily Show: Edward Snowden's Moscow Airport ‘Staycation’ Enters Its Endgame (VIDEO)


John Oliver on The Daily Show decided to throw some light on National Security Leaker, Edward Snowden’s ‘Staycation’ at Moscow Airport. Apparently, it might be coming to an end.

The host also discussed how difficult it must be for the whistleblower to understand official Russian documentation to apply for asylum.

Paperwork for the Russian government… I mean I am gonna guess that is a complete nightmare. Pages and pages of official documents, notarized and filled out and triplicated,” said John Oliver and then played a news clip from this week that said Snowden had in fact sent a handwritten application for political asylum to make it look more convincing… Which of course, it wasn’t.

“More convincing? Is his lawyer a 10-year-old girl?” said a flabbergasted John Oliver remarking on the poorly-written letter supposedly scribbled by Snowden’s lawyer.

Oliver continued, “So it seems that Edward Snowden might be on his way somewhere soon. The question is where?”

The Daily Show host pointed out that the NSA leaker might’ve chosen Nicaragua, Bolivia and Venezuela for asylum but what’s more important is what Russian President Putin has to say about that and what exactly does he plan to do with the U.S. whistleblower.

A video clip was then played in which Putin was asked what would probably happen to Edward Snowden who was in fact stuck in one of the airports in his country, to which the Russian president replied, “How should I know?”

Yeah, Putin is like that.

John Oliver concluded the segment with the best possible question he could come up with for the ex-VIA agent, “Oh Snowden! Why did you seek asylum in a country run by an actual cartoon villain?”

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