Watch Jon Stewart Kick WWE’s Seth Rollins In The Groin

This is a side of Jon Stewart we've never seen before.

Jon Stewart Kicked

Jon Stewart has dominated numerous folks with his satire-spitting tongue over the years, but on Monday night's WWE Raw, he displayed his physical strength too.

After weeks of exchanging verbal blows with WWE star Seth Rollins, The Daily Show host showed up at the wrestling show and then did the unthinkable.

The whole thing started when Rollins called Stewart out and cracked a few lukewarm jokes at his expense. Stewart honored the call and made his entry like a professional wrestler.

With a mic in his hands, Stewart was in his comfort zone. As expected, he destroyed Rollins with a few jokes, which obviously weren't taken lightly. The humiliated Rollins then decided to settle this rivalry through his preferred method. He grabbed the funnyman by his collar, gave him a few jolts and was about to inflict some serious damage when Randy Orton made his entry.

With Rollins and his pals distracted, Stewart delivered a huge kick to his groin and made his escape. Then, he teamed up with Orton to exit the arena.

At 52, Stewart may not belong anywhere near a wrestling ring, but you have to say, his was the funniest guest appearance on WWE in years.

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