One Of The Creepiest “Daily Show” Segments Of All Time VIDEO


This might qualify to be one of the craziest attempts made by “The Daily Show” to skewer Fox News.

Jon Stewart’s correspondent Samantha Bee took the stage on Tuesday to dedicate a dramatic performance to “The Five” on Fox News, claiming it has turned from a news panel show into a saga of forbidden love between its two anchors Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld.

Stewart kicked off the segment highlighting the not-so-diverse diversity found among the panelists of the “The Five.” He later turned to Bee for her analysis on the Fox show and that’s when things got interesting.

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Bee expressed her obsession with the show, portraying Perino as a “winsome blonde ingénue”, who couldn’t resist the charming “resident bad boy” Gutfeld.

 However, she noted that the love story was, in fact, a love triangle because there was another man who also longed for Perino’s attention – Eric Bolling, the villain.

 “That’s not gonna work on Dana,” Bee exclaimed. “This isn’t 1980, and you ain’t no Gallagher.”

Meanwhile, the so-called Fox liberal Bob Beckel tries his best to divide the two doves. He even suggested grilling Gutfeld on a stove once.

Watch Samantha Bee’s complete performance in the video above.

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