The First Thing That Expecting Fathers Need To Know

Actress Mila Kunis encourages expecting fathers to think before they speak.

On the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show, actress Mila Kunis spoke up about her dislike for men who announce to others that they, in addition to their wife or partner, are pregnant.  This message, though seemingly created with a playful undertone, raises a good question:  Is it appropriate for men to say, “We are pregnant?”

Mila argues that men are not the ones who have to “squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of their lady hole” and that they don’t wake up in the middle of the night and vomit because they are nurturing a human being inside of their body.

Perhaps this message serves as more of an encouragement to men to acknowledge the physical demands placed on a woman when she is pregnant.  Though it is admirable that a man wants to include himself in the pregnancy by announcing, “We are pregnant,” maybe it’s a better idea to give credit to the woman who undergoes a life-altering body transformation in order to nurture a child within her own body.


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