Westboro Baptist Church Trolls The Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters Get Even

Amna Shoaib
The odious Westboro Baptist Church finds its hatred is no match for the power of rock.

The Westboro Baptist Church is an exclusive group of people with, generously, a soul 100 times smaller than the average person. These hatemongers simply hate everything and everyone.

They've turned their vile attention to the LGBTQ community... 

The Foo Fighters,

... dead soldiers ... 

The Foo Fighters, westboro baptist church protest

and 9-year-old shooting victims.

westboro baptist church anti gay

The latest addition to WBC's Book of Grievances has been the Foo Fighters' music. Or their concerts. Or any other immoral thing that has gnawed away at America's moral fabric.

The Foo Fighters

So yeah, it seemed like a nice idea to Westboro to picket the Foo Fighters' concert  in Missouri. Except that nobody trolls the Foo Fighters.

Oblivious to their fate, WBC was outside the Sprint Center in Kansas City, holding up colorful little hateful signs when the Foo Fighters unleashed the Internet's weapon of mass destruction on them, the Rick Roll.


Just got #RickRoll'd by the Foo Fighters! @karlyjunie

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Riding on the back of a pickup, the boys drove past the protestors holding signs that read, "You Got Rick Rolled."


#Repost @sprintcenter ??? @foofighters taking the party to the streets in front of @sprintcenter tonight.

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Nicely done, boys.