The Iron Man 3 Trailer: Stupid Fun With The Potential For Smart Fun (Video)

Iron Man 3 released its official trailer, and we can know say for sure that Tony Stark is going to blow stuff up, Gwyneth Paltrow will be concerned and Don Cheadle is going to have some witty one-liners. (WATCH)

Iron Man 3 is coming (goofy summer action movies are coming!), and it looks fun, if formulaic. Iron Man earned a trilogy with its first movie. The second one was a typical fluffy sequel, but it got me through a plane ride, and the first one was legitimately great. Here is the good and the hmmm (too soon to call it bad, but it makes me go hmmm) from the Iron Man 3 trailer:


Downey Jr.'s perfect role. Robert Downey Jr. has become the next George Clooney. He plays different versions of the same guy, but it's a guy you want to watch, and it feels authentic even though you've seen it before. Iron Man/Tony Stark might be the perfect character for him, because the super powers justify the snappy sarcasm, so he doesn't get as annoying as he might if he were less competent.

Potentially cool villain. We don't get a lot of info about the villain ("the Mandarin?") but he could be a cool villain. One can't realistically expect the main characters of these movie franchises to evolve too much, but the villains and the plots they smash onto the movie makes each new iteration fresh and fun or stale and boring. I'll be cautiously optimistic about this guy, who seems to have Iron Man outgunned, even though you should generally be wary of the parts that trailers don't show you much of.

Guaranteed stupid fun. Iron Man 3 will definitely be fun in a stupid way. Jury's still out if it will be fun in a smart way, but it's good to know you can go in guaranteed some nice stupid fun.


Gwyneth Paltrow. I don't know if it's her or me, but I don't like her anymore. She could still win me over again, but for now I wish she hadn't been cast as Tony Stark's wife, because now we're stuck with her.

That the trailer is just a bunch of one-liners and explosions. I know, that's what action movie trailers are these days, but it leaves me with more questions than answers. Like, will I think this "Mandarin" guy (who is not, it seems, ethnically Mandarin) is a developed character or a stock villain? How about the president? Don Cheadle: is he mailing this one in? Ditto Paltrow. Hell, ditto Robert Downey Jr. Was there a time when you could get a better sense of this stuff from a trailer, or did I just think that because I was younger and less jaded.

Coasting or creating? Are they doing Iron Man 3 because they want to or because they have to? From the moment Iron Man was deemed a success, it was written in stone that there would be two more. That is the the third law of action movie thermodynamics. So, is this one its own animal, or are they simply coasting. I felt a little coastiness from the preview, but I'm willing to pay to find out, knowing that at the very least there will be a lot of explosions and one-liners.

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