Lego Movie’s ‘Everything Is Awesome’ Performance Rocked The Oscars

This performance might just numb the sting of the snub.

The Academy Awards may have snubbed some of the most amazing movies this year, but The Lego Movie’s “Everything Is Awesome" performance more than made up for it.

Canadian sister act Tegan and Sara teamed up with Lonely Island for the Oscar performance which was jam-packed with celebrities. There was Andy Samberg, Questlove, lots of construction workers, Legos, and last but not the least, Will Arnett dressed up as Batman.

The performers also gave out the mock Lego Oscar to a pleasantly surprised Oprah and some other choice celebs.

The track was nominated for the best original song and despite the rousing performance, the Oscar went to “Glory” by Common and John Legend while Big Hero 6 won the award for best animated picture.

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