The Life Changing Wheel Of Fortune Spin

Only three other contestants have taken home the 1 million dollar prize.


Teachers aren't known for making big bucks. However, this middle school teacher is ONE MILLION DOLLARS richer after a lucky spin on The Wheel of Fortune. 

She's only the third person to take home the programs huge bonus prize and she lost her mind!  (Who wouldn't?!)

The 42-year-old Maryland math teacher chose a hidden bonus prize. Sarah Manchester then solved the puzzle "Loud Laughter". Her prize was then revealed. 

Manchester told the Washington Post that she sat on the floor grading papers during tryouts and definitely did not expect to hit the jackpot: "It didn't seem like something that could really happen." 

The bulk of the money will go into college funds for her kids. She also plans to donate to charity and go on a family trip to France.

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