Did Martin Freeman Just Bring SNL Back From The Dead?

Martin Freeman brings back SNL from the dead. Here’s some good news for fans of The Office and The Hobbit.

This weekend’s Saturday Night Live merged the two for an amazing mashup sketch called “The Office: Middle Earth.”

Host of the show, British actor Martin Freeman, combines both of his characters — Bilbo and Tim/Jim – into one that still likes to play pranks on Gareth/ Dwight by replacing personal items in Jello forms.

However, there’s a twist.

Since it’s a Hobbit-inspired episode, Gareth/Dwight turns out to be none other than Gollum who absolutely hates Bilbo. Oh, and there’s also Gandalf starring as the incompetent boss David Brent/Michael Scott.

Find out what happens when The Office collides with Middle Earth in the video posted above.

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Although Saturday Night Live has not been able to recover ever since long-time favorites including Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis and Seth Meyers left, this episode starring Freeman is being appreciated as a good effort by the writers of the show – in a long (long) time.

It would’ve been great, however, if there had been a Sherlock-themed sketch, don’t you think?

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