'The Simpsons' And 'Family Guy' Fail to Entertain As a Team

July 28, 2014: The most historic moment in animated sitcom history is upon us.

What happens when two of the greatest forces combine? Public hopes instantly soar to unprecedented levels, and they are expected to deliver one helluva combined effort.

This is exactly what fans of smash hit animated sitcoms, "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy," have been waiting for ever since news came out that they are joining forces for an hourlong Fox special.

Fresh jokes, witty punch lines and a gag session of incomparable proportions was surely in the offing ... but a teaser clip of the episode hints that we're set for disappointment.

The nearly five-minute-long video clip starts off with the Griffins coming to Springfield. Their entrance into the Simpsons' realm and subsequent meeting with Homer and the rest promises a lot, but surprisingly, they fail to deliver.

All the jokes fall flat and their punch lines fail to provide the comedic relief that they so easily master on their own separate shows. Judging from this, we're afraid that the mash-up episode will be a major letdown.

Let's hope they included all the bad jokes in the trailer and that the good ones are being saved for the full episode.

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