The Simpsons Don't Live In Springfield, According To Moon

Prepare to be wow-ed. Loyal fans of The Simpsons are perfectly aware that the funny family has always lived in Springfield.

Where that Springfield is exactly has never actually been revealed, although, some have argued it's either in Massachusetts or Illinois.

However, a recent realization of one fan has completely turned the tables, and apparently, the Simpsons don't actually live in Springfield. In fact, according to this fan's amazing, but perfectly true analysis, the Simpson's don't even live in the U.S! 

How did this fan discover this? Well, it's all because of the moon, and how it looks in one Simpson's episode.

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In the episode, 'guest star' Elon Musk is featured staring out the window at the moon. That's when Phil Plait noticed that the moon was backwards. That's right, backwards.

And, the only reason it could be backwards could be if the The Simpsons lived in a completely different part of the world. A part where the waxing crescent is facing the right, not the left, as it did in this episode. 

So there you have it people. For nearly 30 years, you have been lied to. Or, perhaps, mislead. The Simpsons may very well live in a town called 'Springfield', where everyone seems to live in America, but that town is not in the U.S. It's a town somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere (that has a ton of yellow people living in it.)

Thanks to this one fan, we may have never known the truth...

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